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Multiage classes​

What does a Multiage classroom look like?

A multiage classroom contains children who, although of different ages, often work together in various groupings within the class. The teacher plans the environment and learning experiences in such a way that provides  opportunity for all students to be appropriately challenged and experience success.

Main benefits identified in research

  • Younger children actively draw upon the expertise of older children to develop skills and to acquire knowledge. Many 'little teachers in the room'.

  • Mixed-age play offer unique opportunities for creativity and the practise of skills.

  • Age mixing provides opportunities for children to find others of similar abilities.

    Older children actively assume leadership roles.

  • Students learn how to think, problem solve and cooperate with others.

At Seven Hills State School we are a multi-age school by choice, as we believe:

  • All students are competent and capable learners. Our job is to ensure that we provide students with appropriate learning experiences which allow them to move onto the next challenge.
  • multi-age grouping promotes cognitive and social growth.

Multiage at Seven Hills State School

At  Seven  Hills  State School  our  teachers  and  parents  passionately support our multiage philosophy, and are testament to the benefits it provides their children - such as increased opportunities for learning and socialisation, raised self esteem, and learning that recognises student individuality.

Seven Hills State School chooses to create multi-age classrooms as an educational philosophy. For our school, we feel that this is the best way to provide a quality education to the students entrusted to our care.

If you have any questions about our school, multiage teaching and would  like  more  information please do not hesitate  to contact us.